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We keep you up to date on what´s happening in our network - our quarterly alumni magazine EUROPOLITAN publishes interesting stories about events, activities and experiences of ESB alumni, students and their Alma Mater.


Every edition is dedicated to a specific topic related to a certain industry, business trend or country. Moreover, we report about reunions taking place around the globe as well as current activities happening on campus such as the annual NMUN Conference in New York where ESB students participate in.

Upcoming topics are usually published well in advance through our communication channels (Newsflash, FB, Europolitan etc.) in order to find dedicated authors for our magazine.
As a member of the ESB Reutlingen Alumni Association, you can receive the printed magazine in your mailbox. However, you can also enjoy it online, all editions are archived on our homepage.


If you have any new ideas, a proposal for an article, or know of interesting alumni, who we might feature in the magazine, don’t hesitate to contact the Europolitan editor team via .


Europolitan 2/2019

Europolitan 2/2019

Europolitan 1/2019

Europolitan 1/2019

Europolitan 3/2018

Europolitan 3/2018

Europolitan 2/2018

Europolitan 2/2018


Europolitan 2019

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Europolitan 2018

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Europolitan 2017

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Europolitan 2016

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Europolitan 2015

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Europolitan 2014

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Europolitan 2013

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Europolitan 2004

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