Be an active part of the ESB alumni community and participate at one of our regular reunions in almost 50 cities and metropolitan regions across the globe. Surely there is an existing one in your city as well. As the backbones of our alumni activities these reunions do not only have the purpose of networking but also include a lot of cool activities. Typical events include restaurant and bar visits, joint sports activities (such as hiking, skiing, or joint marathon runs) or annual festivity visits (such as the Oktoberfest).


Yet, new ideas and additional support are always welcome by our local reunion organizers.


Feel free to subscribe to our Stammtisch mailing lists to stay up-to-date.


Please get in touch via e-mail stammtisch@esb-alumni.net if you have general questions or are missing a community in your city.

Contact Michael Kornelsin

E-mail allgaeu@esb-alumni.net


Contact Philipp van Laere

E-mail amsterdam@esb-alumni.net

Stammtische in Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Offenburg & Straßbourg


Contact Matthias Kerner & Jan Kössler

E-mail baden@esb-alumni.net 

Contact Valerie Ludwig

E-mail barcelona@esb-alumni.net

Contact Mats Frank

E-mail beijing@esb-alumni.net

Contact Franziska Reineke

E-mail berlin@esb-alumni.net

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E-mail bonn@esb-alumni.net

Contact Markus Baasner

E-mail bremen@esb-alumni.net

Contact Georg Holleszek

E-mail cologne@esb-alumni.net

Contact Maike Aschenbrenner

E-mail dublin@esb-alumni.net


Contact Thea Korschinek

E-mail duesseldorf@esb-alumni.net

Contact Thorge Hiebner 

E-mail frankfurt@esb-alumni.net


Contact Markus Beck

E-mail geneva@esb-alumni.net

Contact Thomas Rieger

E-mail guangzhou@esb-alumni.net

Contact Dennis Thielsen, Sebastian Lindemann & Claudia Engelmann

E-mail hamburg@esb-alumni.net


Contact Sebastian Bujnoch

E-mail hongkong@esb-alumni.net

Contact Gökhan Tosun 

E-mail istanbul@esb-alumni.net

Contact Freddy Siahaan

E-mail jakarta@esb-alumni.net

Contact Volker Remy

E-mail leipzig@esb-alumni.net

Contact Justus Morisse 

E-mail london@esb-alumni.net

We are looking for a new administration. If you are interested, please contact stammtisch@esb-alumni.net for further information.

Contact Karl H. Bödding Cañedo

E-mail madrid@esb-alumni.net

Contact Hennika Kestilä

E-mail melbourne@esb-alumni.net

Contact Marina Haug

E-mail miami@esb-alumni.net

Contact Linda Lupinacci & Christian Pichler

E-mail milan@esb-alumni.net

Contact Irina Guruleva

E-mail moscow@esb-alumni.net

Contact Mayur Paralkar

E-mail mumbai@esb-alumni.net

Contact Katja Breitinger & Michael Frank

E-mail munich@esb-alumni.net

Contact Sebastian Wuerth & Wolfgang Müller

E-mail newyork@esb-alumni.net

Contact Jan Lühr

E-mail nuremberg@esb-alumni.net

Contact Petra Beer-Michaud & Felix Kaltmaier

E-mail paris@esb-alumni.net

Contact Annette Tomaszkowicz

E-mail prague@esb-alumni.net

Contact Freya Lichti & Annika Manz

E-mail rheinneckar@esb-alumni.net

Contact Alexis Silva

E-mail saopaulo@esb-alumni.net


Contact Katja Breitinger

E-mail seoul@esb-alumni.net

Contact Lorenz Zimmermann

E-mail shanghai@esb-alumni.net

Contact Benjamin Veicht 

E-mail singapore@esb-alumni.net

Contact Marcel Grüninger  

E-mail stockholm@esb-alumni.net  

Contact Carolin Koch, Paula Schmelzer & Fabian Müller

E-mail stuttgart@esb-alumni.net  

We are looking for a new administration. If you are interested, please contact stammtisch@esb-alumni.net for further information.

Contact Francesco Frova & Anh Tuan Nguyen

E-mail tokyo@esb-alumni.net

In cooperation with NEOMA Alumni


Contact Gilles Huart (NEOMA - ESB)

E-mail vienna@esb-alumni.netautriche@neoma-alumni.com

Contact Thibaut Chapron & Caroline Tiemann 

E-mail zurich@esb-alumni.net 

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